Please see below some feedback we have received for our courses.

I have recently attended 3 cookery courses with Yateley Community Learning. The courses are well run and a great way to learn new skills and make new friends. Highly recommended.

Steph Winston-Bray, Cookery Courses

We recently attended an Acrylics Workshop at Yateley school and really enjoyed ourselves. The teacher made us feel relaxed and carried enough spare equipment in case we did not have the correct things with us. This allowed us to fully enjoy the course. We were on the ground floor which suited a knee problem we have and we had access to all things we needed i.e. sinks, water etc

The teacher had plenty of time to help/advise us on our learning and the day was not rushed. We came away having done a lovely painting which we were proud of and would never have attempted on our own.

Mr & Mrs Potts , Art Course

The dancing class is very engaging and fun, some great focus on just getting you to move around the room and moving in time with the music. As you progress you work in turns and advanced moves but all at the pace that suits you.

It’s worth noting the instructors are fantastic, they really have a wealth of experience and will continue to help until its learnt, trying different methods and dancing with you until cemented in place.

The instructors really make this a fantastic course and highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn dancing!

Mr Hooper , Ballroom and Latin

I’ve recently just finished up a 10 week course at Latin/ Ballroom Dancing for beginners and have LOVED every minute of it! The Dance teachers are great and will be now joining on for the advanced Dance Class! Its been the best thing I’ve done so far in 2019

Amber Davies, Ballroom and Latin

Our rock and roll teachers Pat and Rob are wonderful. Each week we have a lively and informative time learning different moves. Because of the way that they teach we have all got to know each other and as a result our classes and social evenings are very entertaining and collaborative.

Mr Ernie Ong , Rock n Roll

I have been attending German courtesy of Yateley School Adult and Community Learning for more than 2 years now. The teacher is really good and even though it was reasonably easy at the start we are now reaching a point where every lesson continues to push us.

Mr Hedgman, German

Yes I felt the course was excellent. It was spot on for what i had been hoping and gave me a great deal of insight into behaviours. I learnt some new tricks – some of the sound bites like” thought buses” will stay with me a long time. I felt comfortable and relaxed so the environment was great for the course and I now meditate regularly. Some of the things did not come easily – mindful movement i found tricky. I will re-read the book in a few months time

Mr Roger Lamb , Mindfulness

Our Spanish teacher Glenys is excellent. She is very encouraging and makes sure that everybody in the class gets opportunities to practise. As a native speaker she fully understands the grammar and has a teaching style that makes everything simple to grasp. She also is able to help us with understanding colloquialisms and local variations as some of us are interested in South American Spanish.

Mr Ernie Ong , Spanish Beginners