Italian for Beginners

Italian for Beginners


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Do you have little or no previous experience of the Italian language, or have you become a bit ‘rusty’?
The main aim of Italian for beginners course is to be able to communicate in everyday ‘tourist’ situations, both asking for and understanding information.

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Italian For Beginners –

The main aim of this course is to  learn the basics of Italian necessary to communicate in a variety of situations which one will come across when in Italy.


The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Be able to introduce yourself and use a variety of greetings
  • Be able to book a room in a hotel in Italy
  • Be able to order in a restaurant/bar in Italian
  • Be able to ask for and understand directions and places in the city in Italian

Grammar structures at a basic level will be taught, focusing on the present tense and introducing the past tense. The main language skills to be developed are speaking, listening, writing and reading. Since communication is the main aim, you will be encouraged to work in pairs or groups to practise speaking and listening. Recorded material, such as CDs and interactive media are also regularly used to improve listening skills. Understanding written Italian is based on practical items such as notices, leaflets and signs.

By the end of this course you will have the ability and confidence to cope with everyday situations such as ordering a meal, booking a hotel room and exchanging basic personal information. Much use will be made of role play in small groups.

There is no formal testing. Your work will be monitored by your tutor and you will have regular homework involving preparation, grammar or written exercises.

Any extra cost incurred during course: Course Book to be advised at first session.

Learners may wish to purchase additional study aids such as CDs, workbooks, dictionaries and grammar books, all of which are optional.

Equipment to be provided by student: A pen, paper and folder for handouts. An Italian dictionary is optional..

Certificate of Completion presented to students at the end of the course.

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